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Bite For What's Right !

Bite Society is a vegan food-activism project 🌱   

We're mission-driven with 2 simple goals:

  1 - Lower prices and make vegan mainstream to reach more folks
  2 - Inspire and help other vegan projects & founders

      We promise to give our all to make kinder options the default, and change the world for the better 💗

      How did Bite Society get started?

      A long time vegan, our founder Simon was thinking about how to have more impact in his activism: to help animals and encourage alternatives to animal agriculture.  Being from a startup background (in technology) he decided to bootstrap this new project, applying concepts from the open source software movement. ie- to run lean and openly to lower the cost of vegan goods, and be a transparent case study to help others be successful with their vegan projects. To (literally) hear the journey right from day one, check out our podcast.

      Simon (with help from the lil bub) at an early taste test

      So how does the lower prices thing work?

      Vegan foods shouldn't just be only for the affluent.  Or just for vegans.

      They should be for everyone.

      We need to be able to compete with animal products, not only in taste and convenience, but also in price.   

      So we try hard to keep costs as low as is possible:

      • Minimal salaries & expenses
      • No full time sales force
      • No fancy office (we work from home)
      • No ad or sponsorship budgets 
      • Use co-packers with economies of scale
      • Avoid expensive ingredients (eg hazelnuts)
      • Have good relationships with aligned distributors
      • No investors or dividends to pay
      • Zero profit model

      The costs we save we pass on to our distributor partners in the form of lower wholesale prices, which translates to lower "shelf" prices for the public.

      Zero profit?  

      We target our wholesale prices to be be able to cover our costs of production, operation and incremental expansion. 

      In short - as low margins as we can go, so that we sell as affordably as possible to our retail and food service partners.  That's why our chocolates end up being more competitively priced on shelves.

      In the future if we ever have excess funds at the end of the year, they'll be donated to animal / vegan charities. 

      No ad budget?

      We're fortunate to have you - our amazing "bitetribe".  You are our community who helps spread the word - to shops, to friends, family and online, and we appreciate every single bit of support we get!  If you'd like to help check out our volunteer page

      Inspire other projects?

      We can't do this alone. 

      The world needs thousands of passionate people working to change things for the better.

      So the best way we can think of to help is through sharing and inspiring the community to start and grow their own vegan projects.

      That means sharing as much as we can on our own case study as well as highlighting others on our Vegan Startup Podcast.

      For more, take a look at our transparency page and also our blog and social feeds, and if you'd like specific advice check out our Helping Each Other page


      We're pleased to have Michael Dello-Iacovo volunteer as our ethics advisor, for times we want to discuss difficult ethical decisions and moral dilemmas. 

      Michael was previously the CEO of Effective Altruism Australia and manages the Morality is Hard podcast.  Michael has dedicated his life to giving back and making the world a better place for all. To that end, in 2016 he pledged to donate all of his income above $45,000 each year to the most effective charities and causes.

      Can I get involved?

      If you like what you hear, and want to help out in some way, we'd love to hear from you.  Drop us an email and let's chat!

      Supporting With Stock

      Supporting With Stock

      Thrilled to be helping support these groups with stock donations over the next couple of weeks. They'll be used for different things - sold to help raise funds, used as part of fundraising raffles, used in street outreach, samples for uni open days etc. The Dominion ExperienceMonash Vegan Society - MVSRMIT Vegan ClubOne Step For AnimalsAnimal Activist CollectiveWildlife VictoriaVictorian Lamb Rescue Inc.Melbourne Goat SaveLamb Care Australia Huge thanks for all the valuable work these groups do! ps - for those in Melbourne come along to The Cruelty Free Shop's volunteer info event where many groups will be sharing how to get...

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      First Uni Stockist!
      Milestones    Mission    Stockists   

      First Uni Stockist!

      Our first uni stockist ! Stoked to receive our first order from a campus, The University of Queensland! (level 4 in the union building) Hopefully it's the first of many we can make our way to - definitely want to be amongst the students who are going to fix stuff and make the world better in years to come :) This milestone is also meaningful personally. UQ is where my better half Grace studied teaching, and her eyes lit up when she heard the news 🥰 Now if I can only figure out a way to get into Melb Uni.... 😂 ps - if...

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      Helping Your Vegan Project

      Helping Your Vegan Project

      Had a call this morning with someone looking to start their own vegan distribution business. I shared our experience figuring out storage, also different ways to work - broker vs importer/distributor and she seemed keen to explore and take next steps to get it off the ground... It reminded me to share this page on our website about ways we can help your project (all for free of course): It's a core part of our mission and hope we can reach a bunch of folks this year... Do get in touch if you'd like to chat about your project...

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      Omnivores Support Veganism BUT
      Challenges    Learning    Mission   

      Omnivores Support Veganism BUT

      Fascinating new research!Turns out more omnivores support veganism: "...most people already agree with the ethics of veganism and are aware of the benefits of vegan diets to the environment"BUT.... "barriers are practical matters of taste, PRICE, and convenience"Definitely lines up with our mission - to make veganism much more acceptable to the masses one critical aspect is lowering the cost to be competitive with animal-ag.For us, though we are one of the cheapest vegan milky chocs here in Aus, still a ways to go to reach true price parity with big dairy confectionery aisle pricing...#biteforwhatsright

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      Australian Heatwave
      Challenges    Logistics    Mission   

      Australian Heatwave

      40 degrees in Melbourne 🥵 This is definitely the hottest day we've ever sent out stock on. Ideally I would have liked to delay til a cooler day, but had a few stockists in other states who really new stock in before the xmas week. Our plan to charge for 1 less quantity in the invoices so the shops can open a pack on arrival and check, before they put the rest on sale. Worst case we'll have to send new stock over, but hopefully our gel pack + insulated wrap can hold up... we'll find out ps - yesterday was...

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      Missing Mascots...
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      Missing Mascots...

      As part of brainstorming designs for our possible new products for next year, we stumbled across this photo from a supermarket in Chile. What's striking is the lack of any mascots. No Captain Crunch, no Tony the Tiger, not a character to be seen...Turns out its part of new anti-obesity regulations introduced last year:"The Chilean government, facing skyrocketing rates of obesity, is waging war on unhealthy foods with a phalanx of marketing restrictions, mandatory packaging redesigns and labeling rules aimed at transforming the eating habits of 18 million people."Back to BITE, yes we want our chocolates to be loved and...

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