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Helping Your Project

Supporting vegan projects

One of this project's larger goals is to help other vegan projects and founders.

So if you (or a friend) have a project in mind or underway and would like any free assistance or advice, for example on:

  • the vegan opportunity
  • product & positioning
  • branding & packaging
  • teamwork
  • market research
  • go-to-market
  • copacker search
  • international growth
  • fundraising
  • community building
  • pricing and margins
  • etc

...then please do reach out to and we can jump on a call together.

So far we have helped support:

  • 2019 - a founder planning to import and distribute vegan goods
  • 2019 - a student thinking about how to have more impact in their career
  • 2019 - a founder developing vegan creamy sauces
  • 2019 - an entrepreneur wanting to start a clean label vegan brand
  • 2019 - a founder planning to launch a line of vegan baking mixes
  • 2019 - a founder raising money for a plant-based ready meal service 
  • 2019 - an activist thinking about how to have more impact in a non profit
  • 2020 - a founder launching a vegan florist + gifts business
  • 2020 - a founder looking to import and distribute vegan snacks
  • 2020 - a baker looking to launch a line of vegan biscuits
  • 2020 - a plant-based beverage startup looking to grow internationally
  • 2020 - a vegan subscription business looking to scale traffic

Supporting vegan charities

Though our project itself is a zero-profit mission project run at cost, where possible we like to support meaningful organizations and charities with free stock eg- for prizes, fundraising, vegan outreach etc. 

So far the project has supported these wonderful organizations:

  • Cow Save
  • Pig Save
  • Lamb Care
  • Food Frontier
  • Sea Shepherd
  • Animal Justice Party
  • Animal Liberation Victoria
  • Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary
  • Aussie Farms / Dominion Experience
  • Monash Vegan Society
  • RMIT Vegan Club
  • One Step For Animals
  • Animal Activist Collective
  • Wildlife Victoria
  • Victorian Lamb Rescue Inc
  • Melbourne Goat Save
  • Warriors 4 Widlife
  • Vets For Compassion

Help us out...

On the flipside, if you'd like to contribute your skills, connections or experience to help our project, check out our Volunteer page.