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 Where can I buy your chocolate?

On the shop finder you'll see options to buy online as well as the list of our distributors.  Right now we're in shops in Australia, South Korea and Hong Kong, and looking to expand to more countries.

Is your chocolate fairly traded?

Yes.  Our cocoa is sourced from farms that are UTZ - Rainforest Alliance certified (one of the two big global certifications) and our copacker are currently in the process so that we can apply the mark on our packaging once approved this year.  We stand against child and slave labor and believe in a living wage and investing into education.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes we've now switched to recyclable packaging with all our new production runs.  Please check your pack for details.  We also supply in bulk (minimal) packaging to zero waste and bulk shops and departments.

Are you products just for vegans?

Nope, they are for everyone!

So is this a vegan company?

Yes, all ingredients are vegan, and we don't consume or purchase non vegan foods in our development.   Our founder Simon has been vegan over 10 years and started BITE as a food activism project.

Food activism?  

We're mission-driven, with the goal to try to lower the price of vegan goods so we can share kinder options to everyone.  The meta goal is to be fully transparent and share what we learn along the way, to help other vegan founders and projects get off the ground and thrive.  If you have a project please check out the ways we may be able to help you here

So how do you keep prices low?

By keeping costs as low as we can:

  • No fancy office (we work from home)
  • Minimal salaries
  • No full time sales force
  • No ad or sponsorship budget 
  • Use co-packers with economies of scale
  • Avoid expensive ingredients (eg hazelnuts)
  • Sell direct to retailers & food-service 
  • No investors or dividends to be paid
  • Zero profit model

Zero profit?  How does that work?

We target our wholesale prices to be be able to cover our costs of production, operation and incremental expansion.  In short - as low margins as we can go, so that we sell as cheaply as possible to our retail and food service partners. Any excess funds go right back into growing and furthering our mission. 

If you don't have an ad budget, how do people find out about you?

We're fortunate to have an amazing #bitetribe, our community who helps spread the word - to shops, to friends, family and online, and we appreciate every single bit of support we get!

I'd love to help you out, can I?

Yes, we'd love to get your help!  Please check our volunteer section.

What are the ingredients?

Our Choc Balls are made up of vegan milky chocolate as well as rice crisp ingredients. 

The chocolate is made up of Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Resistant Dextrin (a plant fiber), Cocoa Mass and Emulsifiers (Soy Lecithin and 476) to bind things together and make it smooth. Our salted caramel flavor includes a caramel flavor as well as sea salt.

The rice crisp is made of Rice Flour, Wheat Flour, Starch, Corn Flour, Calcium Carbonate, an Emulsifier (Distilled Glycerin Monostearate) and Water. 

Our Choc Balls also have 472c emulsifier and pectin to make the surface more polished.

Is this a health food?

It's still a chocolate treat, but it is a healthier alternative with 25% less sugar than other dairy chocolates.

What are the nutritionals?

For the Choc Balls - 570kJ energy, less than 1g protein, 7.5g of total fat (4.5g saturated), 16.4g carbohydrates, 10.4g sugars and less than 5mg sodium per 25g serving.

Are you gluten free?

Not at the moment. Currently we have a small amount of wheat in the rice crisp core, estimated at ~10ppm.

Are you palm oil free?


What are your allergy warnings?

Contains soy and wheat. May contain traces of tree nut, peanuts and milk due to the production environment.  We use shared co-packing facility to reduce costs hence the trace amounts warning - the machinery is flushed before our vegan production runs and all our ingredients are vegan.

Is your production facility certified?

Yes!  It's accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, HACCP and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. 

Where are your products created?

Our copacker is located a few hours out of Hong Kong, in Kaiping.  After a lot of thoughtful consideration we selected them due to their automated Swiss-made production line, quality and safety certifications and record, commitment to efficient, ethical operations and excellent international track record - they have years of experience making products for the global market including U.S.A., Australia, Europe etc. 

Bite Society is a global project and we want to make sure we can be a good central location to supply many countries, and being close to Hong Kong with its shipping infrastructure can give advantages as we grow.

What about zero-waste?

We now have "naked" packaging options to supply in bulk to zero-waste shops as well as food-service applications.  If you're interested to purchase our choc balls in 1-2kg packs please get in touch  We also continue to work on more sustainable packaging options for the future that would allow the product to remain affordable and price competitive to dairy alternatives.

I'm a shop, can I sell your products?

Sure, please get in touch in our wholesale page.

I run a bakery, cafe or restaurant, can I buy wholesale?

Yes, do get in touch at our wholesale page.

I'm a distributor in another country, do you export?

Yes we'd love to discuss how we can partner for your country - get in touch

Can I get some free stickers?

Sure, head on over to the freebies page and we'll hook you up!

What's the cute monsters name?

Jumbo :)