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Where's Jumbo?

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A friend happened to be shopping in one of our stockists and thought we had sold out (couldn't see us on the shelf)...
Just before she was going to let me know, she spotted us, on the floor, covered by other snacks - this pic was after she moved some, apparently we were fully covered 🥵
This post isn't to critique any specific business (please don't tag them) - it's easily fixed in this case.
Rather it's an important note to self, that even though we don't have our own full time rep team (or distributor in Aus), we still need to figure out a way to sanity check on how things are going in different shops, beyond just whether we've sold out or not...
Like bread and (vegan) butter stuff -
Are we displayed clearly?
Have we been sampled?
Are we in the right section?
Is pricing clear?
Of course easiest would be to get mystery shoppers to regularly visit all our stockists, but no way we can afford that (wasn't any budget put aside for shop monitoring)
So how else can we do it efficiently and remotely... need to think think 🤨
ps - thank you friend!
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