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Walking The Talk?

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Mixed feelings reading this article about a company (Thank You) I've admired as a great example as a "doing good" company..

On one hand, they've managed to raise millions over the years for charity, which is very impressive and has done a large amount of good in the world (and also influenced many people with their message)

But on the other hand, spending less than half their profit on charity last year (meant to be 100%), large expenses on travel & entertainment, high office and salary costs (including not disclosing executive pay) despite being positioned as an open organization was a bit of a surprise to read...

Reading it got me thinking about BITE. Whilst I'm really proud of how lean we're running (reflected in our low prices), we need to do better on the transparency and sharing front...

Being more specific, it's a kick in the butt to make all finances (including team and other expenses etc) open as soon as possible, so our supporters and the community can feel trust in our work and mission, and not just take our word for it.

Right now I've been slowly grinding through all the backlog of transactions but it's always come near last on priorities, always delayed when other day-to-day operations, sales or product tasks came up.

But thinking to our bigger goal, the transparency part is just as (actually far more) important as how many chocolates we sell, and really it should be treated as such.

So a public commitment here - we'll get it launched by end of next week...

(or else will be subjected to public shaming 🤭)