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Supporting Animal Liberation Victoria

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Dropped off some donated choc bloks to Emma from the Animal Liberation Victoria team this morning 🌱

They'll be including them in their goodie bag for their big Vegala - Exclusively Vegan Cocktail Party, which is shaping up to be an amazing event...

If you're in Melbourne on Oct 26th, want to support a great cause and have a brilliant night grab your tickets here

Lovely to meet Emma, Noah, Eric from the team, who get a lot done with very little... got to love that spirit!

It's interesting about how we think about donations to non profits and mission aligned charities.  On one hand we want to support all their great efforts, but on the other hand we run only at cost and don't have a budget set aside for supporting them.  So effectively the donation is coming from me personally, which is fine as I support the work they are doing.  Maybe in the future when we can get some economies of scale (lower buying price at higher volumes) we need to set aside a small budget for donated goods... would be nice to do that.

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