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Stockist Planning

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So it's been 4 months since launch, and checking our stockists spreadsheet this morning we're now up to 69 retail locations across 3 countries.
And whilst it's great to start to get out there, honestly it's been a challenge to keep up with onboarding and keeping in touch regularly with all existing stockists as well as we would like (much easier in the first month when there were only a handful and we could just message them back and forth all the time).
As a result we're probably losing potential reorders but also losing valuable feedback to help us help them, and improve the project.
So Kat and I had a chat a few weeks back and decided to put a pause on the other tasks for a while to try to figure it out (in case you were wondering why the lack of social posts until the last couple of days)
So what we've come up with is basic plan for of things we should do with new and ongoing stockists, and how to keep to make sure we're actually doing it :P
So our new list looks like this:
1/ Onboarding them when they have their first order
- welcome email including sampling / positioning info
- sending out in shop promo pack (materials arrive this week!)
- adding to our website's shop finder
- social posting
- sharing in the community etc
2/ Call one week after the promo pack delivered
- make sure everything went well with it
- answer any questions etc
3/ Call one month later
- check how it's going and what support needed
- ask for reorders and check stock status
- gather feedback (eg if they don't want to continue, why etc)
- ask how we should keep in touch
4/ Ongoing check in every month (call, text, email..)
- share what's new with us & them
- get feedback
- ask for reorders
We also setup a sparkling new spreadsheet complete with auto filters and formulas, that makes it easy for us to know what we have to do on a daily basis. Not rocket science but still a big improvement over the lack of any process before.
So, feeling much more organized, and once we've filled the backlog info from existing stockists (dates etc) we should be good to give this new flow a go... 🤞