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Over the moon for Oatly

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While I like Oatly's milk a lot, I really love Oatly's unique and powerful ad campaigns.

They help make vegan products seem cool, a fresh step forward from "old" dairy.  This type of message I think matters a lot in the battle to win hearts and minds to a vegan lifestyle.

I had the good fortune of chatting with Tobias Nordstrom at an event in Hong Kong. 

He wasn't from the food industry before, and instead hails from an ad industry background.   Now in charge of Oatly strategy, and it was a breath of fresh air hearing him talk about trying a new approach to branding and marketing.  I think that shows in the huge buzz it's getting in the vegan community and beyond (seriously, in the Vegans Hong Kong group I help admin, it's one of the favourite beverage brands talked about and we were all so thrilled to see their trams shuffling around showing the message)

It was also refreshing to hear him supportive of the Bite Society mission as well, which you might not expect from a traditional food company's senior exec. We chatted about different topics including the Dominion movie and how that's helping things move along...

We need more bold and dynamic companies like Oatly out there!