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Solving Mysteries

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There are lots of mysteries in running a startup...🧐

Take our Choc Bloks:

Michal and I were chatting yesterday about how they were moving slower in shops than Choc Balls, which have been selling at a nice pace (we're just about sold out).

Yet, when I visited our first trial bulk test shop recently, the first 10kg of bulk bloks sold out faster than the balls. And also faster than the retail packs of the bloks in the same store.

Why? Well that's a good question...

Is it a branding issue, where our bloks and brand in general are less well known than others, so folks are less likely to try it vs in bulk where every container is even in size, so folks can compare on price?

Or is it a visual display issue, where the bloks on the shelf within the SRP (shelf ready pack that holds them) doesn't instantly convey what the product is - the blok face is oriented to the ceiling, and the SRP itself doesn't have a clear product visual seen from the front (vs the ball bag which has a much clearer visual seen on the shelf)

Or is it just the position of the bulk container? (the balls in bulk were on the top row, whereas the blok container was under eye level and easier to see without looking up)

Or do you think it could be something else?

Figuring out how to answer questions and improve often seems like a complex puzzle needing time, experimentation, brainstorming, listening & learning.

Now to figure this out...