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Smells Like Coconut?

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So our first launch tasting for salted caramel happened on Saturday.

All went pretty well, roughly 1 in 4 people who tried went on to buy, lots of good feedback etc

But one funny thing - several times when I asked what they thought of the taste, I got "does it have coconut in it?" or "I can really taste the coconut"

Which is weird because:
A) there is no coconut in the formulation
B) coconut has never come up in the prototype tastings

I was scratching my head until the end of the session when I was packing up and noticed just behind my table was a sofa area with scented candle burning... when I went in to smell it, definitely got that coconut vibe.

So... just goes to show, how much of "taste" is actually coming from the nose.

I remember learning that that during my self-study on food science basics last year, but Saturday really drove that point home