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Share Your Worries

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Earlier this week I dropped off some new prototypes, and while I was waiting in the lobby of her building, I saw this brilliant "worry monster" display...

How it works is that you write down your worry on a piece of paper and "feed" it to the monster, rather than letting it eat you up keeping it to yourself.

Got me thinking about all the stress of running a small business, and all the worries that come up. There are tons, especially in the early days when you're struggling to find a product-market fit, and make things work with tough time or money constraints.

For example, for BITE just off the top of my head:

Will we be able to find importers in more countries?
Can we fix the perception problem many people had of us?
Is our product good enough to succeed without an ad budget?
What if those who are overdue paying refuse to pay?
What if we can't sell out some stock before used by dates etc.
How can we get our brand known with so little resources?
How can we transport our chocs around during the hot summer without spending (losing) a fortune?
What if people don't care about the mission side of the project?
What if we can't reach those vegan founders/to be or we can but the info doesn't turn out to be helpful?
How will I be able to manage the workload without working myself to the ground?
What if we can't do sales effectively without the face to face contact, which we can't afford?
What if this all loses so much money which could have had more positive impact if donated in another way

I could go on and on (and on)...

It can be a lonely path to start up a small biz, and it's a good reminder to get those worries out, rather than letting them gnaw at you all the time...

Whether it's sharing them to a partner, a friend, or a collaborator or even just to a friendly worry monster