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Shape Shifting?

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Behind the scenes flashback 👨‍🔬

This morning was cleaning up after the World Vegan Day and stumbled across our prototype for an oval shape choc...

This was from the time a few months back when we were grappling with correcting the expectation of what we are (a crispy rice choc), and what we aren't (a clone of an existing dairy product).

One idea was to make our shape different and we thought we'd give ovals a go to see how they looked. They turned out well functionally, but among our crew weren't really sold how they looked vs classic sphere.

So instead we decided to go with clearer guidance on how to describe us and updating packaging for the next batch (coming next month - hopefully that helps out)

Fun to look back at decisions along the way, like milestones on a winding journey...

ps - it was hotter than expected today, unpacked remaining WVD cartons from the boot today but forgot about a handful of loose packets in the front seat - when I came back an hour later they had all melted in the sun 🤭