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Sales Begin!

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Right after container unpacking, it was time for the big quality check in the warehouse loading doc.

1. Grabbed a random container of the bloks and balls and checked the cartons had the right design printed

2. Unboxed the bloks, the SRPs (shelf ready packs - the blue boxes for display in stored) looked great, really vibrant color

3. Inside, the blok packaging looked perfect, loved how the yellow turned out

4. Moment of truth - felt super nervous before biting in. Thankfully, color, taste and texture all were fine! Actually much better than the final samples, better 3d mould shape and smoother consistency of the chocolate 🥰

5. Choc balls also great, a tiny bit smaller in size than samples, but more polished and nice crunch.... phew!!!

6. No time to celebrate, immediately time to start loading up the first shop delivery...

7. Boot of Grace's little pink mirage all filled up!

8. Half an hour of Melbourne traffic later, arrived at the The Cruelty Free Shop and Store Manager Paul and I wheeled them into the front door whilst Kirsten took some great pics out the back for the social media.

9. Checked they scanned ok (also another relief as wasn't sure if barcode design would be ok) and literally minutes later, they started to sell!

First 3 packs sold in the first 5 minutes! Craziness!

So, Bite sales begin 

ps - if you're in Melbourne, do try them out at Cruelty Free Shop 124 Johnston St, Fitzroy