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Relief of Reorders

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Getting orders from new stockists is a great feeling.

But even better is getting reorders from existing partners.

It's a very different feeling - more one of relief than excitement.

Relief that there's a longer term future for the shops and for BITE, rather than being just a short term fad.

Relief that we're starting to grow an initial tribe of supporters who dig the taste (and for many, the mission too)

The last couple of days have helped ease anxieties -

Dropping in to one of our very early shops, and finding out our crispy rice choc balls were tied for #1 most sold item of the day so far.

Getting a call today from another shop to increase a reorder (the 4th time this shop has reordered)

Having a stranger at lunch see my Bite Society hoodie, and come up and tell her how much she enjoyed the balls.


It's not all roses of course - our brand is still a unknown to most (even within the vegan community), not every shopper likes the taste, some shops are slower than others, we are way behind to roll out our (much-needed) in-shop promo materials, sampling-program, clearer ball messaging etc..

But despite the challenges, overall the trend seems to be going in the right direction at least as of now... which is a big "phew"...

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