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Point of Sale Study

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Now starting to learn the retail lingo when it comes to "POSM", or Point of Sale Materials 🤓

Honestly this is something missed when I put together the first production materials. We'd only considered the choc packages, the "shelf ready pack" holding the bloks and the cartons to ship them in. Didn't think to think of other materials in the shops that could help a new brand like us get known and tried...

So now we've assembled a big list of possibilities, and are working through what types of materials makes sense, judging on different criteria:

- are they likely to be used?
- how light and compact are they to ship?
- are they reusable and returnable?
- how easy are they to assemble?
- can designs be as "evergreen", for long life?
- how cheap are they? 

As usual, forgot to leave a budget for these, and it looks like it's not something shops would foot the bill for 🤭


For the first round we're going to probably focus on the simplest, cheapest, lightest elements, like for example shelf wobblers and runners and see how they go first.

And looking at a production run assuming 100 locations, which seems to line up nicely with the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) of many suppliers...

And of course the most important part, of getting nice designs together for them all...🎨

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