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Paranoid Peace of Mind

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Call me paranoid, but one of my big fears is a lot of hard earned money being sent to the wrong bank account by accident.

This fear comes from an incident a few years back in another company - a freelance designer I was working with gave an account number which had one digit wrong.

As a result I sent a several hundred dollars into a black hole - we could never get that money back, despite pleading with the bank.

Since then, every time I've been anal about checking and rechecking account details for large dollar transfers, especially overseas.

So imagine the sinking feeling when I got this message this past week, after making a deposit payment to a new supplier.

I assumed the worst... but thankfully after getting on the phone to ANZ and lodging the updated instructions, the funds were able to be forwarded to the correct currency account after a couple of days (luckily the initial account belonged to the recipient, but was the wrong currency)

It was also a smaller amount (but still $500), as I've got into the habit of doing an initial payment first to new partners to make sure the money goes through, then the balance once it has...

..makes the process longer but at least for me, worth it for the peace of mindĀ šŸ˜…

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