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Not all unicorns and rainbows...

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Hesitated to write this post...

On social media, businesses are all happy smiles and success, insta-perfect pics showing great times, accomplishing dreams etc.

The reality behind the scenes is often a LOT of pressure and anxiety. I guess not a surprise given the harsh reality that most will fail within the first year or two.

Maybe it's the stress to make payroll. Random firefighting (sometimes literally). Problems with production. Trying to attract more customers, facing budget blowouts etc

I haven't launched yet, but I'm starting to feel the heat...

The initial fear about what if I can't find anyone wanting to stock us has been replaced now with the fear about how it will go once launched these next couple of weeks.

What if the first batch somehow melted in transit? What if it's held up too long by customs (arrived into Melbourne a couple of days ago and hasn't cleared yet). What if the taste isn't as good as the pre-production samples? What if the prior taste tests were biased in some way I haven't considered? What if it's all a big letdown. What if, what it...

It's woken me up several times at night, and swirling in my head when I should be focused on getting stuff done. Yes many of these are pretty irrational, and I should be thankful I even have got this far to even be thinking about these things... but still, I'd be lying if I said it was all unicorns and rainbows these past few weeks.

Need to take time to figure out how to handle it better.
Need to remind myself to breathe and be thankful.
Need to remember why I'm doing this.

Respect to all other vegan businesses out there trying to make an impact and persevering despite all the challenges... ❤️