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New Flavor Prototypes!

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Yesterday the new flavoured prototypes of our choc balls arrived for testing!

We have a strawberry, peanut butter and salted caramel flavor to get "blind" feedback on, which I'm trying to get done by the weekend.

This has come together really quickly triggered by a series of events...

- our first batch of balls are running out
- so we need to lock in next production asap (long leadtimes)
- so it's the only window to introduce new flavors (as we do large runs to keep costs down, we can't do small batches)
- but first we need to test them

Am as excited as I am nervous 😅

On one hand, if we found a flavor that people love, perhaps even more than the original, it could give us a new direction and more unique "identity" to run with for the balls, and would be cool to launch them before the holiday season

But on the other hand if they don't perform well in this round, we probably don't have time to iterate to get it into this production and it'll be a long wait til the next chance to introduce it (we need to lock it in and pay the deposit to the copacker within a few days and for a larger amount than the first batch)

So...fingers crossed!