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Listen to What's Important

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Funny pic, with an important reminder for us.

Too often in a new startup, it's easy to pay more attention to friendly users and partners feedback, and miss other issues or wider feedback, whether it's on product or distribution or branding etc...

I guess that reaction is natural especially in a startup where your product is so tightly linked to your own identity (after all, it is your own baby, and I've never met a new parent who didn't adore their little one).

Also combined with the fact that folks prefer to focus on the positive and stay away from negatives when giving feedback to you, and it's easy to not take that into the account.

So anyway, for us at BITE, it's a note to self to have an open mind, listen (including between the lines) and learn, then figure out how to improve the biz now that we've launched and are up and running....

Good time to do that heading into a new decade