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Listen and Learn (about Stockists)

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Some days you learn things so obvious you feel like a human facepalm emoji for not thinking of them before...🤦‍♂️

Like this week I was chatting with a couple of friends in vegan biz's, and they shared a couple of really valuable tips:

1/ That having a solid plan for sampling is really important!

As in, a way for their shoppers to try and get to know the new product. You can't assume everyone will do it by themselves or that messages or brand awareness will spring up from nowhere, without your active help...

2/ That even simple instore promo materials can help a lot

Up to now, with the exception of some stickers and badges, we haven't given any materials to stockist partners to help them sell their products. We kind of assumed they'd make it themselves. But whilst that may be true for some, it's not for everyone and we could make it much easier for them...

3/ That you should be contacting stockists for reorders, not waiting around for them to get in touch.

Embarrassingly, all reorders we've got came in by themselves, and I haven't contacted anyone to ask them to restock. As I learned from my friend, sometimes people just forget or need the trigger to do it again, and contacting them regularly is important

On one hand it's embarrassing to have missed these things, which in hindsight are kind of no brainers.

But on the other hand, we're new and learning, and at the very beginning of a long adventure...

So all things considered, should feel great to take that onboard and act on it...and it's a great reminder to stay humble, ask for help and advice and listen!

(huge thanks to those who shared their learnings!)
So, several valuable things added to the to-do list 🥳