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Leadup to Launch

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It's a busy week in the leadup to our first big solo event, our launch into Hong Kong this Saturday!

it's pretty nerve wracking actually, we have now around 70 people RSVP'd to come, which is actually higher than anticipated! (even with a usual dropout rate its a great size audience)

Whilst some things are all set (for example the venue Kind Kitchen thanks to our friends at Green Common, and choc drinks sponsored by Oatly) there's still a lot to prepare..

eg- the speech, MC script, panel discussions (we've been lucky enough to get some amazing folks to join it - more on that later), desserts (we invited a great baker to make some dessert goodies with our bloks and balls) as well as a ton of logistics for the day (eg printing some info brochures, preparing samples to give etc)

Also reaching out to a few media to try to get some coverage for the project, which has meant rushing to get our new website completed before sending our the media release etc..

So if you don't see us much on social the next few days you know why 

Let's go!

ps - what a cute mockup of our table drawn by Joyce! So great to collaborate with multi-talented souls...

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