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Kicking off our transparency project!

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First day of the 2nd half of the year!

And it's as good a time as any to kick off our long-term transparency project:

First to go online? Our weekly sales numbers - showing how many units of choc balls and bloks we have sold... this graph is a cumulative as I'd like to be able to snapshot our impact on a lifetime basis.

The graph auto-updates from our order tracking spreadsheet - google sheets has a nifty way to live publish graphs so there's no extra work to keep the page updated now it's all linked up.

Ok so as of today, we've passed 15,000 chocs sold in the last couple of months since we launched!! 🥳

Super stoked with this, as it was well beyond my personal expectations, so I'm thrilled the project is off to a solid start (it's real now).

It's interesting to see the slow leadup (preorders) then a huge spike up with the crazy launch rush (kinda expected as a lot of people want to have a taste at the start, kind of like the big vegan magnums launch), then back into a nice steady rate, and picking up now as we bring on new stockists.

Most stockists so far were inbound (them requesting from us) and starting this week we're going to get far more active on outbound to contact new shops, chains and cafes etc. Hopefully that results in a nice growth trend over coming weeks and months...

Over time I'll also figure out how to get more reports online - would love to get revenue and expenses up next, though that will have to wait til we get a better bookkeeping system going so the chart can update automatically (don't have time to do lots of manual work)

Ultimately our end goal is to share EVERYTHING we can. 
Basically as much as we're allowed to, that is subject to confidentiality of contracts and of course other people / parties wishes...

Our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to be the most transparent food company in the world (sounds crazy but why not shoot for the moon?)

And the reason is to try to become an example to help other vegan founders and projects to try to help multiply our impact, like an "open book" case study...

anyway, that's the theory.. see how it goes in practice