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Invoice Hunting #2

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So since starting our efforts a couple weeks back we've made some decent progress ✍️

We're now down to a bit under $3k owing:

- Total amount owing: $8090 -> $2980
- Number of shops overdue: 31 -> 19
- Median amount owing per shop: $189 -> $105
- Average amount owing per shop: $289 -> $104

In particular it's been a relief to collect the 2 largest amounts owing.

One preferred to pay by credit card rather than bank transfer (our only method til now). Turns out it was pretty easy to do setup with Square (they make the readers you swipe with in many shops and cafes etc). We already had an account so generating an invoice to allow payment by card online was simple, the only downside being that we had to add on 2.2% to cover their fee for the service, which the customer was ok to pay.

The other had been very busy in their businesses and once reminded with a few messages, they made the payment quickly.

So far we haven't received any refusals to pay, though there are still a bunch which haven't replied to the reminders that need following up. Also there were a couple of mistakes from our side, where the invoices didn't reflect what was delivered, so that was great to get those fixed up.

Hopefully we can get them all done before the end of the year...🙏

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