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If At First You Don't Succeed...

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Often in a startup you get rejected, but then succeed after trying again later.

Already in our first year it's happened many times...for example:

Our first copacker rejected us originally, and only after trying a couple more times to explain ourselves and the vegan opportunity they gave us a shot to start discussions.

A shop didn't want to work with us at launch because we didn't have a bulk option, and now we're back in discussions because we listened to the feedback and have added that option in the new batch next month.

A new wholesaler rejected us before because they didn't like the taste of our original, but they love the taste of the new salted caramel flavor and want to move forward to work with us.   


So the key lessons:
- don't take rejection personally, listen and learn
- stay friendly, you may get a chance to work with them later
- don't thrash around trying to change everything, isolate what worked and didn't and then focus on what needs to be improved

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ps - there's a fascinating new study that actually quantifies the impact that failure has on later success, worth a read if you like to geek out on these topics: