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Hello World, Hello Michal!

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So big news - excited that Michal Klar is joining the tribe to help lead our global efforts to get BITE launched into more countries...

Michal has been a friend & friend of the project right from the earliest days. In fact if you rewind to one of our early podcast episodes you'll hear us first jamming about the idea of working with copackers and trying to bring prices down, back when it was just a crazy concept. Then after launch he also helped bring us into New Zealand where he's based.

He'd also been helping on global biz dev over the past few months on a volunteer basis as we'd started to explore other countries. So now we're preparing our second production run seemed like a good time to make it more formal and put a contractor agreement in place and invest in giving it a real go.

It's rare to find someone who's mission aligned, has experience in the plant-based food industry and also motivated about the global potential, so am stoked he's now on board!

Welcome :)