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Going (Ware) House Hunting

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After several weeks of (ware) house hunting, finally have selected a storage provider for Melbourne! 

Which is good because the first chocolate batch is going to be needing a home in just a few short days 😅

Some things I learned through the process:

1/ Not every cold storage provider can handle confectionery, which sits above the usual chilled 0-4 degrees at around 15-20 degrees and under 60% humidity. Ambient is too risky as one hot day could melt the batch. Out of dozens of candidates finally ended up with 5 on the shortlist which had dedicated confectionery rooms

2/ Usually pricing is based on a pallet basis per week, plus extra charges for unloading, putting pallets in and out as well as carton "picking" (basically someone grabbing a carton for the delivery company and putting the printout of address etc on it). Then there are often admin weekly fees or minimum orders which mean it is really expensive until you get enough scale. So you have to take that into account as well as pallet rate

3/ It's important to partner up the warehouse with the delivery companies, and like with warehouses there aren't a lot that can handle carton-level confectionary temperatures. They also usually have pickup fees that vary based on locations, or work on hourly / daily rate. Haven't selected that yet but at least a few that can do the job so less stressed about it for now (few more days to decide)

4/ Visiting these places (Grace and I went to a bunch) takes ages especially when they are spread around... also can get pretty windy for a tiny pink mitsubishi mirage between two linehaul trucks on the freeway 😳

Next up - lock down the interstate transport for Brisbane, Sydney and potentially also Adelaide (some new interest from there which could be cool)...

ps - if I can help on with anything to do with your vegan project do get in touch..