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Food Scientist In Training!

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A few weeks back I got an intriguing email:

"I'm a 19 year old studying food science in Melbourne, and I would love the opportunity to work with Bite Society; as an intern, volunteer, or whatever other role you might have.

...I'm vegan and passionate about helping others; people, animals, the environment. I've done some research into your mission and what you guys are doing, and I'd really love to be a part of it"

So I met up for coffee with Danika to chat about her background and the project and what might be interesting for her to get involved with.

I was impressed by her enthusiasm for food innovation and helping the vegan movement through that - and how proactive she was to get involved, even though we're a small startup.

We followed up with some online chats and long story short, both agreed to have Danika collaborate with us on this project 

She'll be helping out in both shop outreach in Aus as well as market research & new product development...

Speaking of which... Danika headed in to the The Cruelty Free Shop today to run a flavor taste test of a potential new product which we're cautiously excited about 

(will share the test results once they are all in)

Welcome Danika to the tribe and thanks for being part of our mission!

ps - thanks Paul and team at Cruelty Free for being such great supporters and letting us run the test there