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Flavor Test Results Are In !

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Results are in.... aaaand we have a winner!

To recap, we compared 3 new flavors (strawberry, peanut butter and salted caramel) vs the original, in anonymous "self serve" written poll.

Not exactly a fair test as the original is production quality (better finish and texture) vs much rougher prototypes, but still accurate way to compare the 3 flavors.

Anyway enough small talk...

....the winner is... SALTED CARAMEL !¬†ūüėć

Even being a prototype it slightly beat out the production original, with strawberry coming in next then peanut butter.

Have to admit it was a huge relief, had been worried that we wouldn't be able to come up with a great flavor with zero iterations possible, so really glad it worked out well..

If we had more time I'd want to spend time for more iteration (including giving the PB and strawberry more of a chance), but given we're seriously running low on balls we need to lock in the next batch ASAP.

Now, next steps - making sure there aren't any issues with copacker and ingredients for this flavor, and if all ok we plan to go for that one in the next production batch, in addition to the original.

Have started also design for the salted caramel... share it in another post for your feedback 

ps - big thanks to The Cruelty Free Shop for letting us taste test in their (newly revamped) Fitzroy location. Really appreciate the support!

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