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Ep 9 - Dig Down Under

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Back in oz, it’s time to figure out where and how we’re going to sell, and get to know our future audience for the chocolates...


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Show notes


This period of time felt like being back at school, learning about margins, sales channels and pricing, having first chats with shop managers to learn how they run, talking with real human beings to learn more about what they like, what chocolate they miss and how they shop... 

In the shops, spent a lot of time studying layouts:

How shelves were arranged, packaging, how all the products were packed, unpacked and stocked on shelves (lots of interesting chats with shelf stockers including one who turned out to be vegan and was so excited to see what we're working on).

World vegan day was fantastic, got to chat with a heap of people and learn so much about what they wanted and what they thought.  It was actually a really good focus group for product and packaging concept, and we made a number of alterations based on the feedback.  eg- making it a bit less "kiddy" and more adult cool.   Oh and grace loved the food too:

Back to the shops again, this time with a ruler to actually measure all the shelf ready packs (from then on always carry around a ruler with me at all times)


All up, an intense but productive few weeks - progress on pricing, packaging was starting to shape up, had a clue now on how to go to market (try to sell direct using a third party warehouse and logistics) and also felt a lot more confident in the demand for our stuff...