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Ep 7 - Meet And Greet

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You know the nerves before a first date? It was kind of like that before the first meeting with our potential co-packer...


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Show notes

I ended up travelling to the copacker's factory by myself, so I had the double pressure of preparing for the meeting (knowing what I was talking about, ready on product and pricing discussions) as well as making sure I physically arrived...

First up early to get the bus to 

First leg was getting to the border, then the 3.5 hour bus to Kaiping.

Once there had a great meeting including lot of updated prototype testing (excuse the messy pics!)

and then visit to the factory floor:

I've never been in such an automated factory before.  Seeing all the chocolate being made was a real buzz, especially to think of all the Bite Society vegan goodies that might be made here if it works out...

All up, a fab visit and big milestone in the journey.

I went back to HK with lots of homework and follow up :)