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Ep 3 - Sweet Something

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Snappy name for the company? Done

Actual idea for what should be the first product?  Umm... I guess we should do something about that...

Enjoy the process as I figured out what product to try to go for first:


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Show notes


Apart from the trips to the supermarket to research what Grace and I thought would be a good opportunity, I also did a fair bunch of research online after.

I asked a few vegan groups what types of foods and snacks they missed most after turning vegan, and also trawled through lots of forum, facebook and reddit posts discussing what people wanted.

Once I'd figured out that chocolate was a pretty good idea, I then dug into more detailed competitive research, initially kick-started by a friend, and then I took over and ran with...  

What sort of research?  Well I looked at all the vegan chocolate companies I could find, and tried to look at their products, pricing, availability, and also tried to taste as many of them as I could...

Overall the conclusion I came to was:

  • most vegan chocolates are expensive
  • most vegan chocolates are dark chocolates
  • most vegan chocolate brands aren't that kid friendly

Basically, a handful of nice tasting chocolates (eg Vego) but that were too expensive and also I didn't think had a good branding for kids.

So that kind of reaffirmed my decision to stick with chocolate for the first product....

Well good in theory, but now I need to figure out what actual chocolate to go for, and more importantly... where can I get it made...