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Ep 2 - The Name Game

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Now that we're going ahead, we'll need a  snappy name for this lil startup…

A couple of hours should do it right?  Well, maybe not...


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Show notes

Well, that was a interesting process with thankfully a happy ending.

Along the way I discovered that some things aren't as kind as they look...

That was a shock, seriously glad I found out before committing to that first name.

Honestly, even now I'm surprised just how nice a final name I managed to get for the company, and that all the domain and social handles were free from it.

I guess I'm biased, but I think Bite Society has so much potential and really fits the mission we have for the company...

It's got the community vibe, related to food, catchy and just slightly cheeky ;)

The name checking website I used a lot during the hunt is namecheckr... it rocks!

To search whether a brand has already taken in a trademark I used the WIPO Global Brand database.

Search text for "coca AND cola" to try it out for example...

Finally, after being burned a few times with names that seemed promising but had something wrong with them, I put together a kind of checklist:

- is the domain name/s free?
- are all the social media handles free? 
- is it easy to pronounce?
- is it easy enough to spell?
- no bad alternative meaning?
- words put together have bad meaning? eg "an ally"
- trademark available?
- no similar trademarks?
- company name available?
- no bad search google "exact term"
- no bad result google loose search
- swap order - check results
- add common suffix / prefix words, eg "happiest living" "the happiest living"
- check no bad translation in other languages (swearing)
- is it preferably short?
- is it too generic? (hard to trademark or remember)
- does it mean something (if mission driven)

If you want any advice or feedback on a possible name, feel free to get in touch (links above)