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Big news - This Podcast Is Expanding!

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Yep, that's right! In today's episode we share the big news, a new direction for the vegan startup podcast!


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Show notes

Big news - we're expanding our "Vegan Startup" podcast to include other vegan startups from around the world!

If you're in a vegan startup or know one to be features, pls comment or send us a DM!

ps - don't worry, we'll also continue updating our journey with BITE as well :)

Background - For those who've have been listening for a while, you'll know we've been covering the Bite Society journey- milestones, challenges, learnings etc.

Recently, triggered by the Coronaquarantine, we were thinking about how we could do more towards our mission of helping share info and inspire others with their own vegan projects. Kat had the idea to interview other startups as well, and we thought it would be a win win. Help them get more exposure but also have more inspiring info to help our community of listeners.

So what does this look for the podcast?

You can expect Kat and Simon to do episodes with founders and folks from different startups and projects. Interviews on initial ideas, journeys, challenges and of course, in the spirit of transparency, learnings. We hope that this also allows interesting startup-to-startup discussion, creating more connections with others working in the same space and fostering the creation of a community where we can all help one another. 

As always, we want this to be led by our bite tribe, so we'll be posting to our social with updates on guests, as well as Q&As to make sure that we are covering the content that you want to hear! 

If you'd like to get in touch, comment here, DM us or email or

We’re excited for this new change, and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Stay tuned for our first startup in the spotlight... and remember to have a great week and #biteforwhatsright