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Ep 12 - Flavor of the Future

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Our first flavor SKU is just a couple short weeks away... in this episode we'll share all the behind-the-scenes prep as we get ready to launch it!



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Show notes

In this episode we'll talk about how the new flavor SKU for our choc balls came about, where we're at and logistics and planning for the launch later this month!

Back in August we knew we were starting to run out of choc balls from our first round, and that we needed to order a second production batch soon.  So that, combined with feedback from folks who had tried the original gave us the idea to experiment with new flavors, and a while later we were testing a few new prototypes:

So, that was a clear result that the salted caramel flavor was the one to pick out of the 3 potentials, and that it was at least the same if not a bit better than the original. So we bit the bullet and committed to the new production batch (36,000 units) with half being the new flavor.

Fast forward to November, we had pre-production samples ready, which we sent off to a number of our largest existing stockists as well as collaborators and supporters, and thankfully the feedback was overall great!

Out of the 9 or so samples we sent out, 8 really liked it, and all thought it was better than the original which is really encouraging.  In fact I think the actual product in real retail packaging performs a lot better than the loose ball prototypes - the flavor and especially smell opening the pack of the salted caramel is much stronger and adds to the whole experience.

So now we're in brainstorming and planning mode for how to launch it, and have come up with some ideas on both stockist and customer community's a snapshot:

So it's going to be a busy week or two before the end of the year to get this all ready!

With a bit of luck we can get it on shelves and make it a gift that folks can give at xmas and holidays :)