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Ep 10 - On The Dotted Line

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The final prototype of our choc balls and bloks are ready for our first in-store Melbourne taste test and we need to get this contract together....


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Show notes

This period when we got back the hopefully final chocolate prototypes kept bouncing between of optimism & confidence, and doubt and worry.  We got great feedback at the Hong Kong tasting event:

But worried how it would be received in Melbourne.  So we did testing at the local supermarkets:

That went well, but then we got mixed feedback from a couple of friends in food retail space... which made me start to doubt myself.  So decided to do a proper anonymous taste test with a lot more people - make it as unbias as possible:

Finally we felt confident - the feedback from vegans and non vegans alike was very good, in fact on average 9 out of 10 liked the taste.   So with that I swung back to focus on the contract with the copacker, and after a few rounds of back and forth managed to get it signed!