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Divide and Conquer

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Grace and I are splitting up.

No, thankfully not in that way 😅

Ended up double booking 2 tastings at the same time tomorrow, so we're going to have to divide and conquer for the first time...

I'll be taking the outdoor event at Vegan Market of Melbourne in Abbotsford Convent, and Grace will be taking a "market day" tasting at LaManna&Sonsgrocery in South Yarra.

Pretty excited about them both:

On my side I get to hear first live feedback about a new wafer prototype, as well as A/B test a new "no gluten" formulation for our crispy rice choc balls... oh and give out a ton of tasting samples of our choc bloks (they rate well in taste tests so really want to get the word out...)

And for Grace, it's her first solo tasting event, and as a fellow introvert she's feeling as nervous as I was before my first solo tasting back at The Cruelty Free Shop shop several months back back. Luckily, unlike me she's a real people person so I think she'll do just great...

And probably best of all, after it's all done we're going to enjoy a family dinner at Woking Amazing in Collingwood (nothing like yum vegan comfort food as motivation!)

Alright, time to sleep... prep begins at 530am tomorrow!

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