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Decisions, Decisions.

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We're going through an interesting discussion for a potential new product, now in early prototyping.

One of the things we have to figure out is weight and form-factor, and the resulting tradeoffs when it comes to price and physical attributes.

For example, we can go down a "bigger" path, for example like the custom mould like the square on the left, with multiple snap-able pieces.

This would be a more unique look, better for branding, and a larger size lets us have more shelf front facing area on the package, to grab attention.

On the downside, a larger product is of course heavier (this prototype is close to 80g), which means a higher cost with more chocolate needed. Also having a deep emboss mould and needing to make sure it's all structurally sound (pieces wont break too easily) contributes to the weight.

A simpler single piece, non mould approach like on the right would lower the weight, but reduce the potential for branding that comes with a fancy emboss mould,as well as the flexibility of having the multiple pieces (eg for sharing or just to keep some pieces to eat later)...

So aesthetics and branding would favour a bigger heavier product, but weight and cost favours a simpler lighter product.

In an ideal world it would be nice to have multiple form factors and weights of the same product, but as Danika reminded me on our call, as a small startup we MUST keep things focused. After all, most form-factor expansions come after a successful single product SKU has proven itself.

So which way do we go?

That's still something to figure out. our mission to have affordable vegan options would suggest a simpler lighter approach, but then again the fact that we lack an ad budget and rely on brand (and the mission that's part of that) and word of mouth to a large extent would mean a real advantage in something a bit bigger....

Decisions, decisions...

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