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Chocolates Have Landed!

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Woohoo, FINALLY the chocolates cleared!!

After getting the good news, I scheduled in with the warehouse to receive the goods as soon as they could. Was a great experience to be there yesterday as they arrived...

1. After an hour of waiting, the "reefer" (refrigerated container) rocked up! We matched up the ID number on the paperwork to confirm it was the right one...

2. Next up, carefully backing it into the cool loading bay... glad I wasn't the one doing the parking 😅

3. A pair of chain cutters to break the the door and...

4. Chocolate cartons everywhere!! (jumbo bless ❤️❤️❤️)

5. Raised platform put in place and the manager did the inspection and we discussed how to pack them on the pallets

6. The boys start work unloading, after first testing how many containers could fit on one "layer" on the pallet. Used 2 heights, 1.8 meters for the goods due for interstate transport (vans can take that height) and 1.2 meters for warehouse storage

7. After ten minutes, first pallet ready to roll..

8. Forklift dudes do their magic (I just try to stay not being run over by them)

9. Pallet down, ready to hit the wrapping machine (required in warehouses to keep goods together and give more protection)

So after a couple of hours, a bunch of pallets unloaded and ready to be sent to other states and stored here in Melb, as well as first customer delivery I planned to do by hand right then.

But first, I had to check the goods arrived ok...