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Carton Chaos Conquered

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So after much last minute scrambling, FINALLY managed to finish off the outer carton designs today, just before the hard deadline (the co-packer has been waiting very patiently for days) 🀐

What I thought would be a breeze (it's just a simple box, how hard could it be?!) turned out more complicated than expected:

1) Turns out generating the barcode for the outer carton isn't so easy. You need to first "convert" our EAN13 format barcodes used on the chocolate package into a non-retail ITF-14 barcode, which involves recalculating a check digit and extending it. 😡😡😡 Yeah I didn't get it either - had to call up the GS1 standard agency to guide me through it... and even then they don't provide the image yourself, you have to make it on your own (or pay way too much for an agency to generate it). Luckily managed to find a free site to do that, and cross verified with one the copacker created as well.

2) The barcode has to be an exact size to meet the 100% magnification requirement, and some larger supermarkets like Woolworths require them on all 4 vertical faces, so it meant we had to abandon our original creative idea so we could comply...πŸ˜•

3) To keep costs low, we're using only a single color of black, and it turned out greyscale was going to bump up the cost a lot (let alone color). So our freelance artist Andrea had to redesign the monsters shape to look good with black only, which took a bit of time (but finally turned out pretty sweet)

4/ The orientations got confused and we nearly went to print without making sure the monsters lined up correctly when the box was folded closed... dodged a bullet on that one!!Β πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

5/ And then finally, to be safe, the copacker suggested marking the HK bound cartons different from the AU cartons

Anyway... all done now, and we're in the hands of the printing gods now....πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

ps - just realised writing this, that I forgot to change some text "...OF AUSTRALIA" for the Hong Kong version and the cartons have already started printing now... oops!!! Oh well 😱🀣