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Beginning with Bulk

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In this coming batch, we're planning to include our first bulk stock for balls and bloks, so we can supply to food service and bulk shops...

Today I took a look at the first test from the copacker for our bloks.

Originally there were only going to be 4 bloks per bulk pack, but that didn't seem to make much sense in terms of reducing packaging...

Asked why so low and the copacker was worried about the chocolate rubbing / marking in transit but we agreed that we would try out a larger 1kg amount with a lot more bloks and multiple layers, and see how it would look.

Given that in bulk shops people are scooping or dropping out of tubs, there's going to be some marks on the choc, but that's normal and customers expect that... in fact some bulk shops specifically ask for "not quite right" stock for their bulk bins

Anyway, the test today looks fine, I think more than good enough to supply, so that's a positive.

ps - we're now on sale in bulk at the Wholefood Merchants (we did it manually for this first test order) and will see how we go there in the meantime while arranging the first real quantities..

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