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Hey earthlings, 

If you're reading this blog post it's safe to assume that you've probably been following our journey at Bite Society, and as part of that perhaps listened to our Vegan Startup podcast. The show initially started as a way for Simon, Bite Society's founder, to share the process of what it was like building a new vegan business and getting it up and off the ground.

Soon enough however, our project began to evolve into something much larger than the work we do here. We began to interview other founders of plant and cell-based startups, providing a platform to shine the light on individuals in the space who like us were passionate about creating a new, sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free food system. With each guest we learnt more about the industry, about different foods, gaps in the market, new technologies and the hardships (& likewise successes) of being an entrepreneur. Providing an avenue for these unfiltered and inspiring conversations made us realise that perhaps this was our way of having an amplified impact. Creating a space for people in the industry to come together and feel united in their cause, whilst hopefully inspiring others sitting on an idea to get involved and help move the future of food one step forward. 

This realisation is why we decided to create a new website To allow the show to be its own entity - episode updates, blog posts, newsletters and more all in one single place for listeners like you to easily access. We hope that you'll continue to support us and our work, and for those of you that have been listening this year: thank you! We're planning to make this podcast bigger and better in 2021 and we'd love to still have you on board. 

Episodes so far in January include Nick Hazell, founder and CEO of v2food and Bianca Le, founder and director of Cellular Agriculture Australia. If you'd like to listen then feel free to head to our website, or directly to our show

Meanwhile make sure to stay tuned for upcoming episodes! and always remember to #biteforwhatsright!